School of Medicine

Wayne State University School of Medicine

Your School of Medicine (SOM) consists of dedicated faculty, clinicians, researchers and you, over 10,000 alumni. Together, we deliver on the mission of our school by providing medical resources that improve the health of our communities. The mission of the SOM was a fundamental part of your education and remains fundamental to the way you practice medicine. It is a point of pride for the SOM to follow your successes even as faculty members continue to infuse your future colleagues with the same sense of mission and community service that you exemplify. This focus on community is what makes Wayne State physicians different from those who trained elsewhere.  No matter where we are or what we’re doing, the desire to use our medical skill to benefit the community binds us together as one family of physicians.

Your active involvement is important to the continued growth and pursuit of excellence at the SOM.  The image and reputation of the SOM is built on your accomplishments.  It is for this reason that the SOM wants to be an active part of your life.

Whether you choose to be part of a regional network, join the Alumni Association, mentor a student or attend an alumni event, you are part of the Wayne State physician family.  Let us hear from you.

Each year the School of Medicine requests the support of its alumni. This is essential support that allows the school to remain a vital academic medical institution that continues to serve its students and the community but it also ensures that the School meets the challenges of tomorrow.

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