Future Docs Workshops

Future Docs 2024 is just around the corner! Get excited for the event by reading all about the workshops and activities planned for March 9, 2024.

Saw Bones Lab: See how doctors fix broken bones with implants, plates, screws and nails.

Genes "R" Us: Have fun learning about your genes by participating in interactive activities like Tree of Traits, DNA in my Food, and DNA Crime Lab.

Brain Blast!: Have a blast learning about your brain! Enjoy fun activities like holding a human brain, molding a brain with PlayDoh and making nerve cells out of pipe cleaners and beads.

Be a Sun Safety Superstar!: Have some fun in the sun! Learn about sun safety through interactive videos, crafts, and more.

Keeping Healthy and Having Fun: Learn how to stay healthy through nutrition and movement. Jump rope, hula hoop, do yoga, and play video games in this fun session. You can also get an assessment of how fit you are right now!

Ultrasounds like Ultrafun!: Use an ultrasound machine to see how it is used on real people.

Do you have Cooties? Probably!: Explore the impact of proper hand washing on germs. Your hands aren't as clean as you think!

Finger Casting: Learn about the casting process! Medical students will teach you about the casting process. Then, practice the skills you just learned and cast each other's fingers!

Brains! Brains! Brains!: Learn how the brain works through neurocognitive tests, brain puzzles, and crafts.

Heart Rocks: Listen to your heart! See pictures of your own heart, learn about the heart's anatomy, and learn how to keep your heart healthy!

Eye Explorer Challenge: Become an Eye Explorer! Complete challenges and earn badges as you work your way around the room. Experience the feeling of slimy lamb eyes in your hands, pet leader dogs, and learn about Leader Dogs for the Blind.

Man vs. Machine: Experience what it is like to run an emergency room. This is a medical simulation. You must register for this session at the designated registration table. This session runs every half hour beginning at 9 a.m.

How Babies Grow: Discover how babies grow in mommy's belly and have a chance to examine a real placenta to see where the body lives for 9 months!

We are working on adding more workshops to make Future Docs 2024 the best one yet! Keep checking this page for more information.