In Residence

What is "In Residence"?

In Residence is a series of intimate gatherings held in volunteer hosts' homes to celebrate and strengthen the WSU School of Medicine community. These events are designed to increase the network of School of Medicine supporters in the community. They offer supporters the opportunity to share their love of the School of Medicine with friends and colleagues in a comfortable, intimate setting.

Who are the hosts of In Residence events?

Hosts are supporters who are willing to share their home and their hospitality to benefit the School of Medicine. Events generally last 2 hours, include refreshments for approximately 20 people and feature a brief update on the School of Medicine.

Will all the events be the same?

The date, time and style of the event is completely up to you. Whether it is a formal cocktail party, spaghetti dinner or casual patio party, the event should reflect your tastes. These gatherings are opportunities for you to entertain guests while sharing your enthusiasm about the School of Medicine and/or a particular department or specialty.

What kind of support will I receive from the SOM?

Volunteers need only sign up to host a gathering, decide upon the number of guests, plan the menu, and enjoy the evening. The Alumni Affairs staff will take care of designing and sending out invitations, managing responses and assisting you with anything else you need. How do I sign up? If you are interested in hosting an In Residence gathering or need more information, please contact Diane Puhl, Director of Alumni Affairs at 313-577-6322 or

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