Notable Alums

Dale L.

Specialty: Family Medicine

Graduation Year: 1962

Dale L. Williams

Dale L. Williams, M.D. ’62, M.B.A., is a retired family physician who has devoted his second career to eradicating poverty in the developing world through the charitable organization he cofounded.

After receiving his medical degree from the Wayne State University School of Medicine, Dr. Williams completed his internship at Hackley Hospital in Muskegon, Mich. He also earned an master’s of business administration degree from South Florida University.

Dr. Williams worked at Pingtung Children’s Hospital in Taiwan, the first of many medical missions, where he established a pharmacy and developed outpatient clinics in nearby mountain villages. When he returned to the United States, he alternated between private practice as a family physician at Hackley Hospital and other missions, including trips to Niger and Ethiopia during the 1984 famine. As medical director of International Aid, he went to Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras during the war in Nicaragua. He visited China in 1986, 1989 and 1990. He also has been a clinical professor for the WSU School of Medicine.

Dr. Williams established the Koinonia Medical Center in Muskegon Heights, Mich., providing care for his regular patients as well as indigent patients from 1973 through 1993. He then later traveled to Zaire as a member of the United Methodist Committee on Relief to provide medical treatment to refugees of the Rwandan genocide in 1993.

Upon retiring from medicine, Dr. Williams created the Koinonia Foundation, which is dedicated to the eradication of poverty in the developing world through modernizing education, and implementing renewable and clean energy sources. Support companies for the foundation include GR8 Lakes Essentials, which has developed the heli, a compact rechargeable light and USB power source. Another is Clean Water Essentials, which provides Safi, a disinfectant for contaminated drinking water.

Dr. Williams established the Dale L. Williams, M.D., Endowed Award in Family Medicine for “outstanding students who have selected a career in family medicine, have financial need and will be continuing their residency training in Michigan.”

Dr. Williams received the WSU School of Medicine Alumni Association’s Distinguished Alumni Award in 2014.