Virtual Engagement

Virtual engagement programs for WSU School of Medicine alumni and students

The COVID-19 outbreak is having a significant impact on medical education. Amidst event cancellations and face-to-face meeting limitations, it is critical that we continue to provide engagement and mentorship opportunities between alumni and medical students. 

Medical Specialty Webinars

Medical Specialty Webinars allow medical students to learn about what specialties are available and what each entails. Physicians from across the country will speak informally with students about their chosen specialty. It's a fantastic way for students to ask some basic questions about specialties they might be interested in, and gain insight into life as a practicing physician. Students - register for medical specialty webinars at links below.

Winter/Spring 2021 Medical Specialty Webinar Schedule

Reserve your spots today and receive Zoom access information in our registration confirmation! Our physician hosts can't wait to meet you, answer questions, and assist you in your specialty selection journey. 

OBGYN & Maternal-Fetal Medicine
Wednesday, February 24, 6-7pm EST
Jay Berman, MD '77, and Federico Mariona, MD 
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Thursday, February 25, 5-6pm EST
Andrew Markowitz, MD '85 and Magdy Milad, MD '87
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Emergency Medicine
Monday, March 1, 12-1pm EST
Sarkis Kouyoumjian, MD '98 
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Plastic Surgery
Tuesday, March 9, 5-6pm EST
Aaron Stone, MD (Resident '93)
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Child & Adolescent Psychiatry
Monday, March 15, 12-1pm EST
Rebecca Klisz-Hulbert, MD '04 
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Interventional Cardiology
Tuesday, March 23, 5-6pm EST
Shyam Bhakta, MD '00 
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Wednesday, April 7, 5-6pm EST
Gabriel Haas, M.D. '82 and John Lam, M.D. '98
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Monday, April 12, 12-1pm EST
Beth McLellan, MD '07 
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Internal Medicine
Tuesday, April 20, 12-1pm EST
Nabil Al-Kourainy, MD '16 and Kristen Kingzett, M.D. '04, Res. '09
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Neurology: Neuro-Rehabilitation, TBI Neurology
Thursday, April 22, 6-7pm EST
Jeanette Lopez, MD '87, PhD '80 
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Oncology & Hematology
Tuesday, May 11, 6-7pm EST
Jerry Liu, MD '01 
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Medical Genetics
Wednesday, May 19, 12-1pm EST
Kara Pappas, MD '11 
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Anesthesia & Chronic Pain
Thursday, May 27, 6-7pm EST
Murali Patri, MD '15 
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E-roundtable with a Doc

Our new e-roundtables will bring together current medical students and SOM alumni in an informal digital environment where they can discuss both medical practice and its influence on families, personal relationships, and life "after work". This program gives medical students the opportunity to connect more deeply with alumni physicians and ask questions about life both inside and outside of clinical settings during the various stages of medical education and career. E-Roundtable with a Doc is a remote alternative to Dinner with a Doc, ideally connecting 2-8 individuals for informal group mentorship. Alumni -register for e-roundtable | Students - register for e-roundtable.


One-on-one Virtual Mentoring

Virtual mentoring brings together current medical students and SOM alumni for one-time or continuous mentoring to discuss both medical practice and its influence on everyday life. This program is a great opportunity for medical students to learn more about specific specialties, general medical practice, and day-to-day life as a physician. One-on-one virtual mentoring will be conducted as a remote alternative to the shadowing program to connect students with alumni from across the country. This e-engagement program will match medical students with SOM alumni nationwide via remote communications for one-on-one mentoring. Alumni - register for virtual mentoring | Students - register for virtual mentoring.


M4/M3 e-mentoring

M4/M3 e-Mentoring brings together students who have nearly completed their medical school tenure and M3 students entering a critical time of their education for one-time or continuous mentoring to discuss both medical practice and its influence on everyday life. This program is a great opportunity for medical students to learn more about Step 2 prep, the residency interview process and day-to-day life in the final year of medical school. This e-engagement program will match M4s with M3s via remote communications for mentoring. M4/M3 E-Mentoring can be conducted one-on-one or in small groups of two to eight. Students - register for M4/M3 e-mentoring.


Student & Alumni Testimonials

"Engaging in the One-on-One Virtual Mentoring program has definitely been worthwhile. I have had the pleasure of meeting with Dr. Spence, who was very willing to share his breadth of experience in the clinical and business sides of medicine. As an undecided rising M3, he provided me with perspectives on the different paths I could follow. I am very excited about catching up/receiving words of advice every couple of months with Dr. Spence!"

"I signed up for the M3/M4 E-mentoring program. My M4 was extremely helpful and gave great information on Internal Medicine as a specialty, what to expect with rotations, and general advice for the next two years. I really appreciated her insight as she is about to be done with medical school. This was a great opportunity to connect with someone new, and I am really glad that the alumni association puts on events such as these!"

"Office of Alumni Affairs, thank you for introducing me to Dr. Iyantta Howell through the Virtual Mentorship Program! Dr. Howell, thank you for sharing the lessons and experiences you have gained throughout your academic career at the School of Medicine! I am so grateful to have established a working relationship with an alumna and healthcare provider in the area. I look forward to starting medical school this summer and learning more about your work!"   

"Dr. Pummill was a delight to speak with, and a physician to really look up to. I appreciated her candor and openness about life as a plastic surgeon, and she was so encouraging about considering it as a real option for myself. I was not sure about whether it was something I would be interested in-- I wanted to hear about what it was like since I have such little firsthand experience or knowledge of the field. I sincerely appreciated her encouragement and her time, and I am excited to shadow her when we are all able to see each other in person."

"I had a great experience participating in the One-on-One Virtual Mentoring program with Dr. Regina Wang. She gave me a lot of insight into the field of Family Medicine, and was very helpful answering all of my questions about medical school and residency. Thank you to Dr. Wang for your time and advice, I truly appreciate it!"

"I set up a meeting with Dr. Piero Simone, and went in with nerves high and a little off-track with where I was heading career-wise. He pointed me in the right direction and with great confidence. I hope more people utilize the physician mentoring program, they are a great source of knowledge about the current field and also know the in and outs on how to succeed! Thank you."

"I would like to personally thank Dr. Mary Jacob for hosting an emergency medicine webinar. It was incredibly helpful in understanding the day to day expectations, struggles, and duties of an EM doctor. I appreciated how informal and honest she was, and I thoroughly enjoyed the webinar. Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to give back to us!"