Membership in the Wayne State University School of Medicine Alumni Association is all about loyalty and pride in being a graduate, resident, fellow, student or associate of one of the premiere medical schools in the country.

Please select which membership option is right for you!

Life Membership $1,000
Partial Life-Membership
(two consecutive annual payments)
Member 1-year $50
Member 3-year $130
Legacy Family Member $50
$25/ each additional family member
Recent Graduate Member 1-year
(Classes 2014-2019)
Recent Graduate Member 3-year
(Classes 2014-2019)
Class of 2020 1-year (1/2 OFF!) $25
Class of 2020 3-year (1/2 OFF!) $50
Class of 2020 Lifetime Membership (1/2 OFF!) $500
Current Student 1-year (1/2 OFF!) $25
Current Student 3-year (1/2 OFF!) $50
Current Student 4-year  $75
Current Resident- 1 year (1/2 OFF!) $25
Current Resident- 3 year (1/2 OFF!) $50

Or Join By Mail:

Please print the membership form and mail in your membership with payment to:

Medical Alumni Association
540 E. Canfield, Suite 1369
Detroit, MI 48201